Property Taxes Still Increase.

E-SPLOST has NOT Kept Property Taxes from Increasing In 1999, the earliest year readily available for search, the millage rate for schools was 8.5. This year, the millage rate is 11.780, an increase of 38.6% The recent decrease in the millage rate from 11.787 to 11.780 will save the property owner with a fair market... Continue Reading →

The Latest News

The following is a letter that the North Georgia News refused to print unless it was printed as a PAID ad. Certainly, as a private business, the North Georgia News is free to print (or not) anything they choose. They choose to not expose their readers to opposing views that might cause them to think.... Continue Reading →

  Updated March 16, 2018 Since 2010 (as far back as online records go), Mickey Cummings has been paid $24,878.60 as an EMPLOYEE of the Union County School Board as PUBLIC RELATIONS PERSONNEL. Since when does a school system need public relations? Maybe to convince the public to give them more money? Check it out... Continue Reading →

Research Links

On-Line Resources/Links – Teacher salaries, E-SPLOST reports, reports on other expenditures – Georgia Department of Education - Revenues and Expenditures Reports going back to 1996 - Teacher Retirement System of Georgia – Union County Schools. Be sure to check out the minutes of the School Board meetings. - Millage... Continue Reading →

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